Gazelles Defined

A gazelle company is an American expression for small, fast growing companies, that create many job opportunities. Fast growing firms ("gazelles") are publicly traded companies that have grown at least 20% for each of the last four years, starting with at least US$ 1 million in sales.

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Leading a Venture

Venture leadership is about leading in a rapidly changing, often hostile business environment.

This leadership style is especially relevant when you innovate proactively, launch a world-changing high-growth startup, lead a big change or radical innovation project. Leading such ventures is a war-style journey because they have a lot of diverse enemies... More

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Joint Ventures

Over 30% of fast growing companies are involved in joint ventures... More


Strategic Alliances

On an average, each fast growing company is engaged in 5 different types of strategic alliances... More



Strategic Alliances Synergy Corporate Capabilities Outsourcing Fast-growing Companies Technology Licensing Sustainable Competitive Advantage


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Creating Sustainable Profits: 9 Questions To Answer

Principles for Driving Growth Through Innovation

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Jack Welch advice business quotes

Stretch your business strategy. Don't ever settle for mediocrity. They key to stretch is to reach for more than you think is possible.

Jack Welch


Michael Dell advice

We managed to maintain the attitude of a challenger by partnering with our people through shared objectives >>>

Michael Dell

Dell Inc.