Leading Change

Resistance To Change


How To Overcome Resistance To Change

Most Common Ways of Dealing with Human Barriers To Change


Adapted from
What Leaders Really Do
John P. Kotter



  9 Signs of a Losing Organization


  "You never change something by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

~ Buckminster Fuller



Commonly Used in Situations

Education & communication

Where there is lack of information or inaccurate information and analysis

Participation & involvement

Where initiators do not have all the information they need to design the change, and where others have considerable power to resist

Facilitation & support  Case Studies

Where people are resisting because of adjustment problems

Negotiation & agreement  >>>

Where someone, or some group, having a considerable power to resist will clearly loose out in a change

Manipulation & co-optation

Where other tactics will not work, or are too expensive

Explicit & implicit coercion  Case Studies

Where speed is essential, and the change initiators possess considerable power