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Leadership: Change Management

Sometimes revolution is demanded, but normally evolutionary change is more effective. Evolutionary change is relatively painless. However, it is rarely fast enough or comprehensive enough to move ahead of the curve in an evolving world where stakes are high, and the response time is short. When faced with market-driven urgency, abrupt and sometimes disruptive change may be required to keep the company competitive. In situations when timing is critical to success, and companies must get more efficient and productive rapidly, revolutionary change is demanded. When choosing between evolutionary change and revolutionary action, you as a leader must pursue a balanced and pragmatic approach.


Drivers of Change    See Change as an Opportunity

Resistance To Change    Barriers To Change

How To Overcome Resistance To Change

Ways of Dealing with Human Barriers To Change

Leadership-Management Synergy

Start Change with Yourself    NLP Method

6Ws of Strategic Change Management

Experiment    Learn from Feedback

Learning SWOT Questions    Fast Decision Making Techniques