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Internal and External Drivers of Change


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Internal and External Sources of Changes

The changes creating new opportunities for innovation can be both within the enterprise or industry and outside them. A three-level business intelligence system is thus to be established to collect and analyze information from within the enterprise; industry and market structure; and external sources, such as demographics, changes in perception, and new knowledge.

Innovators who want to exploit new knowledge need to apply a careful analysis of the knowledge available and the knowledge needed.

Keep your early warning system on to spot trends first. Whatever you see, hear or read, consciously remember to ask yourself: Will that eventually constitute a driver of change?

Develop your company into a learning organization that is continuously expanding its capacity to create its future by continuously learning new ways of doing things and also continuously forgetting old ways of doing things. It will help you to adapt to and survive in the changing business environment and to fulfill you potential.

Five External Drivers of Change

Customer-led drivers changes in the market make-up such as attitudinal moves in demand, income alterations, or demographic shifts that change definitions of value and convenience  >>>

Technology-led drivers incremental or radical innovation that occur in either the primary or enabler industries  >>>

Capital-led drivers changes brought on by institutional investors and the resultant alterations in standards of performance

Competitor-led drivers new challenges by existing competitors and new entrants

Government-led drivers legislative changes and policy initiatives that can impact business  >>>









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It is not necessary to change.

Survival is not mandatory.

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