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How To Take
Smart Strategic Initiative
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The difference between impossible and possible is inside yourself.

Whatever you have achieved so far,
you can achieve millions times more! 

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COCA Principle of Achievement





KoRe 10 Tips


Understand that taking initiative is by far the most important way for getting ahead in the workplace and creating breakthrough value.

See the big picture (your place in the value chain and how your position and you relate to the larger scheme of things at work), ask yourself self-management questions, and  Stretch your goals.

Be creatively dissatisfied Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book creatively dissatisfied. Dissatisfaction is a powerful motivator and a catalyst of the creative process if you can turn it into inspiration.

Adopt positive, open-minded, can-do attitude it will help you to find the way to success and to keep moving towards your stretch goal.

Search for opportunities to create a higher or new value for the organization and its stakeholders. Challenge assumptions and break rules, if necessary.



Develop a roadmap towards the future you want to create. Use the Brainstilling ‒ Brainstorming ‒ Brainstilling (3B)approach to strategic creativity.

Be intrapreneurial. Be willing to undertake something new without being asked to do so and transforms your idea into a successful mini-project.

Engage others: sell them your idea, defrost the status quo, form a guiding coalition of change leaders, start moving and celebrate small victories jointly.

Learn forward as you go. Learn from feedback. Ask Learning SWOT Questions after every major step forward.

Promote your success story: make presentations that inspire change, be an inspirational story teller, use suggestion systems to spread the message.


Use Failures as Stepping Stones to Success    Turn Failures To Opportunities