The Way Our Mind Works

The nature of thinking and how to manage it

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If you stop learning, you stop creating history, and become history.

Your Primary Vehicle of Success

The brain has always been the primary vehicle of achievements and growth both in Life and Business. It is even more so in today's intellectual economy driven by knowledge, Creativity and Innovation.

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Innompic Games

INNOMPIC GAMES − intellectual "brother" of Olympic Games − is a prominent sign of the modern creativity-driven economy

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Left Brain / Right Brain

Research indicates that the brain is divided into two hemispheres, the left and the right, and that each hemisphere specializes in different functions, processes different kinds of information, and deals with different kinds of problems.

The left brain works more with logic and analysis, the right works more with emotions and imagination... More









Two Aspects of the Brain

① Storing information in the memory

Memorizing Tips

② Processing information, applying knowledge for creative thinking, decision making and problem solving in a variety of unforeseen situations

Outstanding Thinker


3 Metafunctions of the Mind

Memorizing Techniques

10 Locks which Limit Creative Thinking




Our Brain Can Process Only Positive Information

The language of brain are pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells, i.e. inputs from your senses.

Your brain cannot work with negative information, i.e. inputs you haven't experienced. It can work only with positive information, i.e. "information from the experiences of your five senses, which it then manipulates in the emotional blender we call the imagination," writes Nicholas Boothman in his book Connecting in Business in 90 Seconds or Less.


Know Your Enemies

Know What Information Our Mind Cannot Process

Two Creativity Catalysis

Conscious vs. Subconscious Mind






Meditation is a powerful mind tool improves creativity, intelligence, memory, and alertness.  In addition, meditation integrates left and right brain functioning and improves physical, mental, and emotional health... More

Ancient Taoist Meditation


Benefits of Meditation

Employee Performance

Quick Meditation

1-minute Meditation





Can You Reflect and Act at the Same Time?

Reflecting and acting at the same time is very difficult as our mind can only focus on one thing at a time. You can be going through periods of reflection and action at the same time but at any specific moment in time you are only focusing on one of these two areas. You need to be focused on either reflection or action at one point and then be able to switch quickly and effortlessly to the other polarity when required.

Entrepreneurial (Reflection-Action) Journey

Grow along a SADR virtuous spiral: Strategize → Act → Discover → Reassess → ... Follow an entrepreneurial action with learning SWOT questions and adapt...


Smart & Fast Thinker

10 Divine Roles of Thinking

Awaken Your Inner Genius

Extraordinary Thinker

Breakthrough Thinker

Divergent and Convergent Thinking Phases








An Easy Way To Quiet Your Mind

Your brain cannot think while it focuses on two sensory inputs.

When the human mind focuses on two distinct sensory inputs at the same time (an image and a sound, for instance, or breath and heartbeat), it stops thinking.

You can use this knowledge when you need to quiet your mind in order to fall asleep or meditate.


Wise Listening

First Thought

Listen to the Universe


Divine Intuition














The Brain Likes to Race Ahead

Once your mind gets moving in a direction, be it a left-brain direction (logical, mathematical, judgmental, analytical activities) or a a right-brain one (creative, visual, spatial concepts), it tends to keep going. To illustrate this, try this easy test suggested by Timothy Foster6:

What do you call a funny story? joke

What are you when you have no money? broke

What's another word for Coca Cola? Coke

What's the white of an egg? --------------------

It isn't yolk, it's albumen. Were you tricked? Most people are. The brain likes to race ahead, because it already knows the answer.



Achiever Mindset

Systems    Systemic    Systematic    Paradigms

Lateral    Outside the Box    Inventive    Positive

Subconscious Mind   

Discoveries >> Accidental Discoveries


Challenging Assumptions >> Kore 10 Tips

Creative Problem Solving    Brainstorming

Knowing Yourself and Others

6 Unconscious Mind Controlling Values

Mental Maps    Perceptions    Meditation




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Naryana Murthy advice

Progress is often equal to the difference between mind and mindset.

Naryana Murhty