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"To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life." ~William Londen

"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint." ~ Mark Twain



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Health Benefits of Friendship2

People with strong social networks are shown to:

  • Boost their chances of surviving life-threatening illness.

  • Have stronger, more resilient immune systems.

  • Improve their mental health.

  • Live longer than people without social support.



Chinese Proverbs about Money

  • With money you can buy a doctor, but not good health... More

What Does Creativity Brings To Your Life?

  • Creativity heals you Some of the therapeutic benefits of creativity include relaxation, centeredness, possibility, hope and connection with self. Creativity lifts your from your sorrows and is a way to translate your hopes & feelings... More

21 Secrets of Self-made Millionaires

  1. Take Excellent Care of Your Physical Health... More

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Health Advices

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Buddha Healing Mantra

Positive Attitude Means Longer Life

Improving Eyesight

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Strong Relationships Are Good for Your Health

4 Simple Ways To Relax Your Body and Mind

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Creative Problem Solving


Find the Balance

Balance is a key element of a happy life and sustainable business.

Yin (passive, receptive) and Yang (active, creative) are both opposing forces and complementary pairs.

Problems arise not when the two forces are battling, but when there is an imbalance between them in the environment. Conflicts, business problems, health disorders, divorce, and other problems all can be attributed to disharmony in the forces of Yin and Yang.

"The energies of yin and yang are of great importance in traditional Chinese medicine. The body is healthy only when yin and yang hold each other in balance. Too much yang causes heightened organic activity; too much yin, an inadequate functioning of the organs."1

Chinese herbs are very versatile supplements. While each Chinese herb serves a different purpose in building one's health, there are countless ways to brew a prescription. The key to finding a remedy lies in selecting the right mix of herbs while striking a balance... More


Meditation is the most powerful mind tool ever developed. Meditation has been scientifically proven to improve creativity, intelligence, memory, alertness, and to integrate left and right brain functioning. It has been shown to improve physical, mental, and emotional health... More

Buddha Healing Mantra

May the many sentient beings who are sick, quickly be freed from sickness.
And may all the sicknesses of beings never arise again...


There is solid scientific evidence that friendship can extend life. Several hundreds of studies attest to the health benefits of friendship. People with plentiful social support have stronger immune systems and are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and other types of mental illness. Having friends mitigates the physiological consequences of stress... More

Positive Emotions Are the Key To Life

Positive emotional energy is the key to health, happiness and wellbeing. The more positive you are, the better your life will be in every area... More

10 Steps To Help You Get A Great Night's Sleep

  • Don't take drugs or vitamins/herbs that are supposed to help you sleep (unless required by your physician). Most of these artificial sleeping aids do nothing more than deaden your senses the goal of 'sleep' is to give your body the time and means to repair itself and prepare for the coming day. When you drug yourself to sleep, every system in your body is slowed down, including all those systems that are responsible for repairing you... More

Osho about Laughter as the Best Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine. If you can laugh when you are ill you will get your health back sooner. If you cannot laugh, even if you are healthy, sooner or later you will lose your health and you will become ill...  More

12 Simple Ways To Supercharge Your Brain

  • Eat Whole Wheat. The whole wheat germs contain lecithin. Lecithin helps ease the problem of the hardening of the arteries, which often impairs brain functioning... More

7 Reasons To Drink Green Tea

The steady stream of good news about green tea is getting so hard to ignore that even java junkies are beginning to sip mugs of the deceptively delicate brew. You'd think the daily dose of disease-fighting, inflammation-squelching antioxidants long linked with heart protection would be enough incentive, but wait, there's more! Lots more... More

11 Steps To Your Dream Body

1. Persistence! Violate this step and you'll never achieve permanent results. We recently concluded conducted a 10 year study which proves that persistence is the single most important aspect of any diet or exercise program.... More

Top 10 Ways To Jump-Start Your Wight Loss

1. Eat protein at every meal, including breakfast... More





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