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Synergizing Eastern and Western approaches, innovations and customer value


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SHA Wellness Clinic - business model innovation, East-West synergy, health and wellness, rich clients




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The Health Story that Lies Behind this Successful Business Case

Dr. Alfredo Bataller Pineda, the founder of SHA Wellness Clinic, suffered digestive problems for many years. He received many ineffective treatments.

Following a worrying diagnosis, he was fortunate enough to be recommended to a doctor who changed his life by solving his illness with the use of natural therapies and the healing power of proper nutrition.

This event ignited the development of the SHA project that integrates the benefits of natural therapies and healthy eating together with the latest advances in Western medicine.

SHA is a great example of pushing a business vision successfully to the market based on synergistic innovations at the intersections of sectors, disciplines and cultures as well as a strong differentiated value proposition.

Synergy Effect

Many businesses succeeded by synergizing innovations at the intersections of technologies, services, sectors, industries, disciplines, cultures etc. Similarly, SHA’s business concept and value Innovations are nurtured synergistically by a luxury hotel, clinic, wellness spa, academy and experts in health and wellness.

The founders had the vision of their dream business and invested great sums of money with the belief that it would work well. The unique and synergistic blend of Eastern and Western approaches sets the SHA apart from its competitors.

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Differentiated Value Proposition

SHA are targeting wealthy customers that are looking for health and wellness. The value proposition at the SHA innovative business model is very clear and simple “Be the best version of yourself”.

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