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"Everybody talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it." ~ Mark Twain


Business BLISS

Balance Leadership Innovation Synergy Speed

  • Balance: Balance top-line growth and bottom-line results, the whole and the parts, internal and external... More


Balance 10 Major Tensions within Your Firm

  1. Bottom-line and top-line growth... More

Balanced Scorecard Framework

  1. Financial Perspective: To succeed financially, how should we look to our shareholders?

  2. Customer Perspective: To achieve our vision, how should we appear to our customers?

  3. Internal Business Process: To satisfy our shareholders and customers, what business processes must we excel at?

  4. Learning, Innovation, and Growth: To achieve our vision, how will we sustain our ability to create value and improve?

For each of the above four questions, provide answers in terms of:

  • Objectives

  • Measures

  • Targets, and

  • Initiatives

6Ws of Corporate Growth



Results-based Leadership

Results-based Leadership

Results-based Leadership has relentless emphasis on results in the four areas:

  1. Employee results

  2. Organization results (learning, innovation)

  3. Customer results (delight target customers)

  4. Investor results (cash flow)... More

Smart Executive

Sam Walton's 10 Rules for Business Success

Matsushita's 10 Corporate Management Lessons




Achieving Strategy through Balancing Competing Values

The primary goal of any business is to increase stakeholder value. It is achieved through a dynamic balancing of competing values. In order for a business to maximize economic value, it must balance customer satisfaction and competitive market forces with internal cost and growth consideration.

Find the Balance

Balance is a key element of a happy life and sustainable business.

Balance is about how you live your life and manage your business and people.

Finding the right balance in your your life and your business will help you refine your goals and hasten you towards them.

What is Business Systems Approach?

A business is more than finance. Performance measures need to be aligned with the organization's strategy.

The Business Systems approach considers business as system of interrelated factors of strategy, owners, investors, management, workers, finance, processes, products, suppliers, customers, and competitors.

Organizations prosper by achieving strategy that is implemented as a result of continuous decision-making at all levels of the business. Firms implement strategy through balancing the four major factors or perspectives:

  1. Financial perspective

  2. Customer perspective

  3. Internal business process perspective, and

  4. Learning, innovation, and growth perspective.

The four perspectives permit a balance between short-term and long-term objectives, between outcomes desired and the performance drivers of those outcomes, and between hard objective measures and soft subjective measures.

Balanced Organization: 5 Basic Elements

Leadership (Fire):

9 Signs of a Losing Organization

Yin-Yan of a Winning Organization

Innovation-friendly Organization

Systemic Approach to Innovation

Until recently innovation has been seen principally as the means to turn research results into commercially successful products, but not all research leads to innovation and not all innovation is research-based. Today, innovation is systemic. It arises from complex interactions between many individuals, organizations and their operating environment. Firms which are successful in realizing the full returns from their technologies and innovations are able to match their technological developments with complementary expertise in other areas of their business, such as manufacturing, distribution, human resources, marketing, and customer service... More

Customer Perspective

Customer Care

Creating Customer Value

Create Customer Value: 10 Lessons from Matsushita

Customer is defined as anyone who receives that which is produced by the individual or organization that has value. A customer focus - as opposed to "customer driven" or "market driven", - both internal and external, implies that you don't just respond to what customers say they need and want, but you apply your own body of knowledge acquired from years of experience and study, in addition to your best knowledge of the customer, to deliver a product or service that will exceed customer expectations, achieve delighted customers and lead to customer success.1

Virtuoso Marketing

The Growing Role of the Business Architect

Today's companies need business architects who can take a systems view of a business and build synergies.

Business architect is a person who initiates new business ventures or leads business innovation, designs a winning business model, and builds a sustainable balanced business system for a lasting success... More

SMART Business Architect (Ten3 Mini-course)








6Ws of Corporate Growth

Sustainable Growth Strategies

Business Tree

Marketing and Selling 360

Enterprise Strategies

3 Strategies of Market Leaders

Competitive Strategies

Systems Thinking and Modern Management

Systemic Innovation


Innovation Success 360



  1. "The Basics of Leadership", Merlin Ricklefs

  2. "Balanced Scorecard In a Week", Mike Bourne and Pippa Bourne

  3. "Managing Complexity", Robin Wood

  4. "Effective Coaching", Myles Downey

  5. 7 Dimensions of Strategic Innovation, Innovation Point

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