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Word-of-mouth marketing (WoM Marketing) happens when consumers talk positively about a company's product or service to others with whom they have trusted relationships.


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Word of mouth marketing is a great way to strengthen a firm's competitive advantage because people trust recommendations from friends, family and opinion leaders above all other forms of advertising.


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Provide Outstanding Customer Experience

Love your customers to create great customer experience. Provide outstanding customer services, surprise your customers, exceed their expectations, and build loving customer relationships to inspire world-of-mouth marketing.


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Digital WoM Marketing

Cyberspace has enabled online inter-personal interaction that, in turn, has provided new tools for marketers to improve the efficiency of marketing communications.  Individual inter-personal influence in online environments affects customer evaluation and buying decisions.

Social networks have created effective communication channels for word of mouth spread of message and have provided new approaches and tools for marketers to inspire, acquire and retain customers.


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Growing Role of Brand Ambassadors

The role of  brand ambassadors grew exponentially due to exponential growth of social media.


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