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Coaching by Example

Business e-Coach Business e-Coach

The slogan 'We don't teach, we inspire' differentiates Business e-Coach from traditional educational resources.  >>>

Business e-Coach Innompics

The slogan 'Play at home, shine globally' differentiates Innompics ‒ Olympic web games for innovators ‒ from traditional venue-tied Olympic games.  >>>

Best Slogan Contest

Creation of a winning slogan is also one of the Innompic contests. Innovation teams must  invent a new product first and then create a product vision, given the product an appealing name, and create a great slogan >>>



Business e-Coach CimJoy

The slogan of the value-added social network Cimjoy is  'Smart and joyful e-World'.

The extended version of the slogan: 'Smart and joyful e-World ‒ let your talents unfold!' 

Advertising Slogans

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Identification. A good slogan must stay consistent with your brand name either obviously stated or strongly implied. It should uniquely describe your brand and its purpose.

Customer care. Show that you are passionate about your customers, explain your dedication to your customers. and make clear your commitment to creating the best customer value possible.

Mass appeal. First think of your audience and their needs and hopes, and then craft a remarkable and inspiring phrase that is appealing to the heart, connects with customers and keeps them thinking of your business.


Valid. Your slogan must accurately reflect your business, product or service. Look at what your brand represents, what should draw people to choose you.

Beneficial. Highlight a key benefit. Reveal your purpose and benefits of the product by conveying the message in consumer language. Suggest the risk of not using your product. Solve a problem. Create a positive feeling for the consumers.

Trigger emotions. An effective slogan appeals to people's emotions. Use current words to trigger different emotions that consumers will associate your brand with. Use emotionally-colored words and offer information to consumers in an appealing and creative way.  >>>


Witty. An inspiring and sharp wit can entice interest and give the impression that you company thinks more clearly, intelligently and creatively about itís brand and value creation than others.

Differentiation. Your slogan is to differentiate your brand or product  from that of your competitors, while also underscoring your company's mission. In an overcrowded market, you need to set yourself apart through your creative and original tagline or slogan. Emphasize the unique advantage you have over your competitors or the unique benefit of your product or service.  >>>

Simplicity. Keep it simple. Use as few words as possible. Use sharp words and short keywords.


Memorable. Use catchy words and phrases to make your slogan instantly recognizable and memorable. Your product will also be remembered if you displays a sense of humor in your advertising. Great slogans are so memorable that some become catch phrases in their own right.