Website Optimization/Search Engine Optimization by CVCI

Prepared by David Hood, member of CVCI Advisory Council

The online marketing strategy of Customer Value Creation International (CVCI )includes website optimization, content amplification, social media marketing, and influencer strategy.

The website optimization activity is aimed at ensuring the CVCI website achieves good search engine ranking and higher visibility to potential new visitors to the site.

The following is a summary overview of SEO by CVCI website .

  • Give each page of the website a page title reflecting the content of that page, and that is unique to that page (i.e. do not share page names)

  • Give each page of the website a meta description reflecting the content of that page.

  • Ensure the page URL is not longer than 128 characters to avoid truncation in SERPS. (Search Engine Results Pages)

  • Avoid duplicate content pages with canonical URLs, (ensures there is only one single URL for a page)

  • Avoid any broken links on the site either by redirecting dead links to new destination pages and by implementing a friendly 404 error page.

  • Add links to certain pages from prominent pages on your site so that search engine crawlers can find them via cross-linking to maximize relevancy and reachability.

  • Use relevant descriptions for the images on site with image ALT text.

  • The site activity needs to be tracked to ensure better traffic undertaking. Recommendation to use Google Analytics for that matter.

  • Ensure there are Social Sharing elements on the site. Social factors are important for a better site optimization and reach.

  • The site needs a link building strategy to ensure a targeted SEO.

  • On CVCI website, make sure you have Google Authorship set up (using the rel=author tag in author bylines). This ensures that CVCI, or members name appears with listings for white papers etc. on search engine rankings



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