Intimate e-Marketing Strategy of SMEs and Large Retailers




Short message service (SMS) becomes a preferred marketing choice for SMEs and large retailers. Todayís ICT-empowered customers are less likely to respond to traditional marketing media. Thatís why retailers are turning to new marketing media, such as SMS, social media, blogs, content marketing, and mobile applications, to reach their customer base. 

Companies engage their customers with short, sharp, timely, relevant and cost effective messages. SMS messages can be used to promote, remind, attract, engage, reactivate, gather and many other purposes.




Advantages of SMS Marketing


One of the main reasons behind the success of SMS as a marketing medium lies in its affordability. SMS messages cost a fraction of the cost of print media. Another advantage of SMS marketing messages is that they are targeted directly to the mobile phone of a prospective customer. This translates into big savings in production and distribution of key marketing messages using SMS as a delivery system.

SMS can be sent to the widest group of consumers possible using a mobile device.

Another very attractive marketing aspect of SMS messages is that they can be sent and received within few seconds.

Personalized Priority Messaging (PPM) is a value-added SMS marketing tool. Informed by a customer record, messages can be tailored to that customerís needs and location.