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Best Digital Marketing Trends
 for Small Businesses




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Many small businesses are scrambling to figure out what their best course of action is.

For some, the answer to that question will be to clam-up and funnel all resources into surviving. For others, it will be to try to capitalize through aggressive marketing.

If you're in the latter camp, you may be wondering what digital marketing trends are worth chasing to maximize your return on investment. While there are a lot of good places to invest your marketing dollars, if efficiency is a core consideration, we think the following three avenues are most worth your attention.


1. Chatbots

Chatbots are by no means new but have picked up considerable steam through the end of last year. What makes chatbots so great is that they embody all of the best qualities of automation technology.

First off, they work without you needing to manage them. All they require is initial set-up and they're off to the races. Second, they can be incredibly helpful to your customers.

There are two forms of chatbots that we see in the marketplace today. One is a chatbot that natively analyzes language to come up with responses while the other relies on you scripting reactions to common requests.

People are moving towards hybrid bots that require some scripting but are smart enough to read between the lines of customer requests so keep an eye out for such tools when weighing options.

2. Video Marketing

Video marketing as a digital marketing trends pick?!

Yes and no!

Yes, video marketing isn't new on the scene and started picking up serious momentum some time ago. However, with people watching more hours of video than ever online, video is still one of the best communicators your business can partner with to get its message out.


Another wonderful thing about video is that just about anybody can do it! You can shoot simple videos on your HD phone which can come off as professional. You can even use animation software to create spectacular videos that require no preexisting animation expertise.

3. Influencer-Supported Initiatives

For better or for worst, digital influencers are still a thing in now and their endorsement is usually for sale. If there's an influencer that's hot right now who's popular with your target market, pay their fee and have them push your product.

The results could be staggering.

Digital Marketing Trends Are Worth Your Investment

As we noted, we're living in a time where entrepreneurs are unsure if investing in marketing is the right road to go down. Remember, recession creates dramatic success for several companies that are willing to think outside the box.

We hope that inspires you to keep pushing your business forward even as the world looks to dial back.

Are you curious to learn about more about digital marketing trends and other winning business strategies? If you are, browse the newest content we have up in our entrepreneurial-focused publication.