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Synergize Radical and Incremental Innovations


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  3 Strategies of Market Leaders




Types of InnovationL PDR, Platform, Derivative, Incremental, Radical, Disruptive, Breakthrough

Strike a synergistic balance in your innovation portfolio between the immediate and the future to achieve bottom-line results and top-line growth.  >>>

Value Innovation: Yin-Yang Strategies

Systemic Innovation: 7 Areas

Incremental Innovations

Incremental improvements and evolutionary innovations help your business to:

Radical Innovations

Radical innovations help your business to:

10 Commandments of Innovation

Success Stories Best Business Practices Silicon Valley

To decide if their innovation portfolio has enough stretch, Silicon Valley firms assess the overall balance between revolutionary and evolutionary initiatives. Corporate leaders continually ask, how much does the portfolio push the industry frontiers, and where the company will be positioned a year or two from now if it executes its innovation portfolio properly... More

Success Stories Best Business Practices GE

"Shun the incremental, and look for the quantum leap," urged Jack Welch, the former legendary CEO of GE, other leaders at the company. Live productivity and quality, but also make surprise moves ‒ shock your rivals. Shake things up while other look on from the sidelines, sitting idly by while you knock your competitors for a loop. The three critical ingredients of the quantum leap are surprise, boldness, and shock... More

Innovation Project Management: Two Approaches

Even though the radical innovation life cycle includes many of the same sets of activities and decision points, the reality of managing the process is strikingly different for radical versus incremental innovation... More