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Strategic Innovation: Road-mapping

How To Choose and Do the Right Things

By: Vadim Kotelnikov

Founder, Ten3 Business e-Coach Inspiration and Innovation Unlimited!

"We've got to shoot ahead of the duck." ~ Roger Ackerman 

The Goals of Road-Mapping and Innovation Management

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Questions the Roadmap Team Focuses on

  • What are the trends and discontinuities in relation to customer needs, technological development, system and product/service attributes?

  • How to align the corporate goals and strategies in relation to these trends?

  • Does the company has skills and talent to manage and execute these changes?

  • What strategic partnerships need to be built?

  • How much capital and resources will be required?



Business Portfolio Analysis

BCG Growth-Share Matrix

GE Multifactor Business Portfolio Matrix

Delphi Strategy Writing Method for Road-Mapping


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Strategic Innovation


Why Road-Mapping?

The goal of the road-mapping is to develop the innovation strategy to choose and do the right things. The goal of innovation management is to implement this strategy well.

Road-mapping leads to effective project portfolio development and management. It provides for company-wide technological strategy development and technology assessment, as well as division-level project evaluation and strategic aligning. Road-mapping tools provide also a common language for innovation and building bridges between technologists and business managers within your corporation, and with you major suppliers and customers.

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Industry Roadmap

The task of the roadmap team is to formulate an event map that will signal potential disruptions within the industry and reflects your competitors' migration patterns. With a general industry map and an event map you can identify current and future players in your industry, what the financial opportunities will be, and define strategic partnerships to be formed in order to get access to necessary competencies.

Organizational Fitness Profile (OFP) Roadmap

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The Organizational Fitness Profile (OFP) can help to x-ray your organization, identify its weaknesses, and take corrective action in order to achieve optimal performance. The OFP process starts with the top management team developing a "Statement of Strategic and Organizational Direction" in order to communicate and explain the logic behind the strategy. After the statement is issued, a task force composed of middle managers from different functions or businesses is appointed to collect information from inside and outside organization about specific management practices that help or hinder the implementation of specific strategies. The data collected by the task force enable the top management to analyze the organization's effectiveness. A plan is then established jointly by the top management and the task force to implement this new organizational vision... More

Technology Roadmap

Road-mapping, as a forecasting technology, is a process that contributes to the integration of business and technology and to the definition of technology strategy by displaying the interaction between products and technology over time, taking into account both short- and long-term product and technology aspects.  "The best companies maintain roadmaps that define the next technologies they will pursue and the requisite timing of each. These technology roadmaps are matched to their product roadmaps to ensure that the two are synchronized; at least two generations of technologies, products, and services are always tracked."2

At the technology level, the task of the roadmap team is to evaluate commercial opportunities arising from technology developments. Technology roadmaps help you to identify new business opportunities, validate internal knowledge and communicate ideas, improve your technology portfolio decisions, and develop effective technology strategy. They identify the place of the technology in the commercialization cycle, thus enabling you to adjust your appropriate level of investment. Technology roadmaps also identify the leading technology players and help you to create effective linkages in order to get the best product to market at the appropriate time... More

Product Roadmap

Product roadmaps define new product and service initiatives within a market or technology context. They embody a large percentage of the corporate strategy and provide a degree of tangibility that helps bring together other choices in direction, technology, marketing and so forth to the surface. Furthermore, starting with product roadmaps forces people to be explicit about how their ideas translate into new products or services.2 It is vital for developing product roadmaps to discover assumptions beneath the selection of products.





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