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Six Chapters

  1. Customer-focused Corporate Strategies

  2. Creating Innovative Customer Value

  3. Marketing Strategies

  4. Effective Selling and Related People Skills

  5. Retaining Customers

  6. Growing Together




1. Customer-focused Corporate Strategies

The Wheel of Synergistic Marketing and Selling

Best Practices: 10 Lessons from Konosuke Matsushita  See the slide

The Tree of Business  See the slide

Customer-focused Corporate Vision  See the slide

9 Basic Sources of Growth

Competitive Strategies: 3 Generic Business Strategies

Competitive Strategies: Survival vs. Market Leadership  See the slide

Success Story: 7-Part Competitive Strategy of Microsoft

4 Types of Marketing Warfare

Erecting Barriers to Entry

Barriers to Market Entry: New Entrant's View

Creating Sustainable Profit Growth: 9 Questions to Answer

Balancing Outside-In and Inside-Out Strategies

2. Creating Innovative Customer Value

Innovation Is Love

Customer-driven Innovation: 7 Practice Tips

The Tao of Customer Value Creation  See the slide

Success Story: Apples' Innovative Business Models

Engaging Cross-functional Teams

Business Model: Converting Innovation To Economic Value

Success Story: New Direct Business Model of Dell Computers

Success Story: Unique Customer Value Created by

Extended Enterprise

Core Competences

Strategic Alliances

Virtual Integration

New Product Development: A Different Role of Prototyping

Beta-Testing and Market Learning DOs and DON'Ts

New Product Development: Keys To Successful Market Learning

3. Marketing Strategies

The Tao of Marketing Innovation

4 Ps of Marketing

The Top 10 Laws of Marketing

Business Intelligence System

Market Development Trend

Psychographic Classification of Customers

Marketing Strategy Development

Creative Marketing

Creative Marketing: The Key To Explosive Growth

Creative Marketing: Selected Amazing Results

Best Practices: Estee Lauder's Winning Creative Marketing Ideas

Lessons from Steve Jobs: Sell Dreams and Emotional Benefits

Buzz Marketing

Success Story:

Best Practices: Burger King's Creative Customer Survey and Buzz Marketing

Designing Your Core Marketing Message (CMM)

Differentiation Strategy: 3 Parts and 4 Steps

Strong and Weak Differentiation Strategies

Positioning: 7 Tips

Best Practices: Positioning Statement Development by Unisys

Strategic Brand Management

What Your Brand Is

Brand Equity

Investment In Brand Building and Marketing of a New Product

Effective Advertising: Tips for Satisfying Different Types of People

Effective Advertising Slogans

Knowing People: Preferred Modes of Thinking

Differentiating With Different Types of People

Emotional Marketing

Emotional Marketing: Color Intelligence

Relationship Marketing and Selling

4. Effective Selling and Related People Skills

Selling Is Problem Solving

Synergistic Selling

Customer Value Proposition

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Effective Pricing: Strategies and Principles

Success Story: Innovative Revenue Model of Xerox Corp.

Success Story: Reaching a Customer Through a Window

Selling Process and Your Selling Skills

Solving Creatively Customer Problems

Irresistible Sales Communicator

Selling By Asking Questions

Selling By Coaching

The Role of Your People Skills

Effective Communication: The Map Is Not the Territory

Six Fundamental Patterns of Cultural Differences

Listening To Your Customers

Ten3 Survey Results: People Prefer To Talk To Great Listeners

Effective Listening: Barriers and Techniques

The Tao of Effective Listening  See the slide

The Tao of Influencing People

Rapport – the Key to Influencing People

How To Make Effective Presentations

Wise Negotiation DOs and DON'Ts

Closing the Sale: 10 Different Sale Closing Techniques

Build Success from Failures

5. Retaining Customers

Customer Retention: Benefits and Strategies

Why Companies Lose Customers

Delivering Superior Value To Win Customer Loyalty

Customer Satisfaction: Main Benefits and How To Achieve It

Customer Care

Coaching In the Workplace

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer's Perception of Quality

The Tao of Value Innovation  See the slide

The Tao of Business Process Innovation

6. Growing Together

Service-Profit Chain

Customer Intimacy

Customer Training

Success Story: Innovative Market Segmentation by Dell Computers

Lessons from Michael Dell: Turn Your Customers Into Teachers

Customer Partnership: Involving Your Customers as Co-innovators

Sample Smart & Fast Lessons  

Slide + Executive Summary



Synergistic Marketing and Selling Vadim Kotelnikov Customer Value Proposition Service-Profit Chain Customer Intimacy Customer Care Customer Care Customer Partnership Differentiation Strategies Creative Marketing Marketing Strategy Listening To Customers Observing People Customer Value Creation Value Innovation Branding Differentiating with Different Types of People Effective Communication Influencing People Sales Success Relationship Marketing and Selling Persuading People Closing the Deal Retaining Customer Customer Service Customer Relationship Management Customer Satisfaction Ten3 Business e-Coach (full version) Synergy Customer-driven Innovation Marketing Strategy Mix How to Become an Irresistible Sales Communicator Customer Success 360: Creating Customer Value, Marketing,  Selling, Retaining Customer, Customer Partnership, Customer Intimacy

Customer Care As the Mindset of Business Success

Customer care is not a technique, it is a mindset. It is a customer-focused corporate mindset and culture that inspires teams to keep creating and delivering extraordinary customer value and thus helps companies acquire new customers, provide superior customer satisfaction, and build customer loyalty.

New Definitions of Value

In the new rapidly changing economy, the focus must be on the way in which the nature of value is changing, involving new ways to price goods, information and emotion. The implication of these new forms of exchange is a transfer of power from the producer to the customer. There are multitudes of values present in every buyer-seller exchange: economic, informational and emotional. These exchanges increasingly happen so fast that there is no time to translate them into precise monetary terms. Businesses will need to identify these hidden values and think more accurately about their worth before accepting the price proposed. The implications are profound. Companies will need to think in terms of offers, which involve merging products and services to exploit their knowledge to give customers a value-added experience, not just "selling them stuff". (Adapted from: "Blur", Davis, S. and Meyer, C.)

New Systems Approach To Marketing and Selling

“Selling, in the old days, was largely and act of personal heroism,” writes Michael Hammer in his book Agenda. “The key to successful selling was knowing the products and the customers. The effective sales rep would present his or her product or service in the best possible light, forge a bond with the buyer, and triumph over the competition.”

“This approach has little to do with the way sales are made in today’s real world. Today's customers don't want products; they demand solutions, and solutions don't come in a box. They must be designed, fashioned to meet the customer's specific needs. Making such sales takes a lot more than personal charisma. Today's selling is SYSTEM SELLING, solution selling, consultative selling; it entails analyzing customer needs, designing alternative solutions, scrutinizing costs, developing and implementing systems, and more. This is not the work of a heroic individual sales rep. Modern selling is a team sport, and a complex one at that. Winning at it takes discipline and structure. Making it up as you go along is a recipe for disaster.”

 More Sample Slides

Synergistic Selling Customer Value Proposition Building Trust Be Different and Make a Difference Closing Sales Synergy Unique Selling Point (USP) Establishing Rapport Differentiation Strategies Effective Selling - SYNERGISTIC SELLING: Sell Yourself, Sell Your Company, Sell Your Product


Customer Intimacy Customer Partnership Coaching Customers Tailoring Outside-In Company CUSTOMER INTIMACY as a Competitive Advantage: Tailoring, Partnering, Coaching


CUSTOMER PARTNERSHIP - Involving Customer as Co-innovators


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