"Don't forget that it (your product or service) is not differentiated until the customer understands the difference." 

~ Tom Peters


Identify Your USP

Phil Stone, the author of Develop a Winning Marketing Plan, advises that you should ask yourself the following five questions:

❶ Will my perspective customers perceive this as an advantage?

❷ Is it significantly different from what my competitors are offering?

❸ Why my prospective customers actually believe in this USP?

❹ How will my customers benefit from this USP?

❺ Will this USP motivate customers sufficiently to actually make a purchase?


Communicate a Specific Benefit to the Customer

As many products are identical in offering the main benefit, you must identify the main advantage your product offers over the competition. In order to make your advertising message attractive, you must find an important benefit unique to your product or service in one of three ways.

Product feature. Build your USP around product features associated with the product, ranging from what it does to the quality of your support services.

Emotion. Build your USP around an emotional appeal, such as love, excitement, humor, or fear.

Association. The USP may be communicated by association with a well-known breakthrough or personality.

Great Slogan: WOW Principle