Innovation Management:

Managing Creativity

6 Barriers To Creative Thinking and Innovation

Remove Blocks and Switch from Negative to Positive Thinking to Unlock Your Creativity

2 Creativity Catalysts

What prevents people from being creative or innovative?


Adapted from Effective Innovation: How to Stay Ahead of the Competition, John Adair



Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

Switch To Positive Attitude

Negative Attitude

The tendency to focus on the negative aspects of problems and expend energy on worry.

Seek the inherent opportunities in the situation.

Turning Problems Into Opportunities: 6 Tips

Fear of Failure

Fear of looking foolish or being laughed at.

Failure is a step to success

Failure is a necessary condition of and a stepping stone to success.

The Jazz of Innovation: 11 Practice Tips

Executive Stress

Not having time to think creatively. The over-stressed person finds it difficult to think objectively at all. Unwanted stress reduces the quality of all mental processes.

Long-term corporate success linked to the ability to innovate. Managing day-to-day operations is important, but it is new game changing breakthroughs that will launch company into new markets, enable rapid growth, and create high return on investment.



Following Rules

A tendency to conform to accepted patterns of belief or thought the rules and limitations of the status quo hampers creative breakthrough.

Some rules are necessary, but others encourage mental laziness. "Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction." ~ Pablo Picasso

Making Assumptions

Many both conscious and unconscious assumptions restrict creative thinking.

3 Levels of Creativity

Identify and examine the assumptions you are making to ensure they are not excluding new ideas. Challenge assumptions.

Be Different and Make a Difference!

Over-reliance on Logic

Investing all your intellectual capital into logical or analytical thinking the step-by-step approach excludes imagination, intuition, feeling or humor.

"Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure." ~ Albert Einstein


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Entrepreneurial Creativity


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Cross-functional Excellence

Thinking Outside the Box

Lateral Thinking

Asking Searching Questions

Be Different and Make a Difference!

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Challenging Assumptions

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Creative Problem Solving (CPS)

6-Step CPS Process

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Awaken Your Subconscious Power

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Creative Chaos Environment

The Fun Factor


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How To Run a Brainstorming Session

Idea Management

Letting the Best Ideas Win

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