People Skills:

Public Speaker

Public Speaker

BEs and DON'T BEs

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"Before I speak, I have something important to say." ~ Groucho Marx



Impactful Presenter: Top 10 Tips

Some negative qualities of a speaker may create and environment in which people want to find a way out of listening further to such a person.

Don't Be

  • Formal and stuffy

  • Closed and false

  • Pompous and/or patronizing

  • Monotonous and/or lethargic

  • Vague, complex, or irrelevant

  • Unsure, nervous, or hyper-intense

Certain basic personal qualities immediately capture people and make them want to listen to your message.

Focus On Your Audience

Understand EGA of Your Audience




Connecting With People

First Impression    Rapport


Effective Communication

Communication: Yin-Yang Balance

Face-To-Face Communication

Effective Listening

Listening: Yin-Yang Balance

Eye Contact    Body Language

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Public Speaking

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3 Magical Phrases To Get People Listening

Persuading People


Knowing People

Take Perceptions Into Account

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Understand EGA of Your Audience

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