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Outside-the-box-uses of the SWOT matrix for Learning and Marketing

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Learning SWOT Questions





Follow a venturepreneurial action with
SWOT-structured reflection




Learning SWOT Questions, emfographics, emotional infographics, Денис Котельников, Dennis Kotelnikov  

SWOT matrix can be effectively used as a strategic learning tool for analyzing feedback received from experimentation, beta testing, test marketing of new products and for making strategic decisions.





SWOT Marketing





Use a familiar framework to sell unfamiliar solutions




SWOT Marketing use a familiar framework to sell unfamiliar solutions  

SWOT Marketing is an outside-the-box use of the well-known SWOT Analysis structure
selling revolutionary solutions
prospects who need a frame of reference and a familiar structure.





Strategic SWOT Self-Analysis

Identify your personal Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats... More







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