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Constructive Feedback

Inspiring a person to do better next time

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Constructive Feedback tips  


Constructive feedback highlights how a person could do better next time.


Constructive feedback needs to be delivered empathetically, sensitively, in a non-judgmental way


Constructive feedback should focus on the desired future state and performance improvement strategies.




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Experience is not what happens to you, it is what you learn from it.

Vadim Kotelnikov

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Constructive Feedback Tips

Use feedback to give Information and ask effective eye-opening questions – not to give an advice.

Be soft on the person, but hard on goals. Focus on behavior, actions and results – not personality.

Be a friend or a neutral observer – not a judge. Inspire critical thinking, creative problem solving and search for opportunities for improvement.


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Constructive Feedback Tips

First, acknowledge player's feelings and needs, then encourage and focus on improvements.

Invite the player to assess his/her own performance first; guide him/her by asking effective questions.


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Mister Innovation World

Dennis, Mister Innovation World award winner, an outstanding actor and singer, is never satisfied with his performances. He doesn't seek a praise. Instead, after every performance, Dennis asks others what he could do better. Their feedback helps Dennis keep making his performances increasingly better.



Constructive Feedback Tips

Ask learning SWOT questions: What internal strengths and weaknesses of the player did his/her recent actions reveal? What external threats and opportunities emerged?

Focus on the future – not the past. Jointly paint the picture of the desired future state.

Focus on the problem, not the person. Uncover root problems by asking ‘Why?’ questions until you reach the root problem.

Don’t blame, inspire search for the best way out of the current situation.

Summarize. Clarify the current position and what to do next. Verify with effective questions; ask for player's recap.



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