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Step-by-Step Guide To Venture Financing Venture Presentation Guidelines Start-up Business Plan: Executive Summary Start-up Business Plan Start-up Business Plan: Executive Summary Milestone Chart Cash Flow Forecast Management Team Start-up Business Plan Due Diligence Worksheet Investors Selection Criteria: Business Anagels and VC Firms Due Diligence: Study Areas Initial Screening: Company Assessment Worksheet Initial Screening: Company Assessment Worksheet Due Diligence Negotiating and Closing the Deal Valuation of a Start-up Company Legal Contract: Structuring the Deal Funding: Typical Terms of Preferred Stock Issued to Venture Capitalists Venture Financing Ten3 Business e-Coach: why, what, and how Venture Management VENTURE FINANCING (Ten3 Mini-course): Step-by-Step Guide - How To Make Your Business Attractive to Venture Capital Investors

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1. Understanding the Venture Financing Chain

        Venture Financing Chain       

        Case in Point: A Financial Chronology of

        Start-Up Capital Formation Process

        Providers of Finance Throughout the Evolution of an Entrepreneurial Firm

        The Equity Gap

        Pre-IPO Company Ownership (Examples)

        Start-Up Business Success: 10 Steps

        Realization of Financial Returns for VC Investor and Exit Strategies

2. Venture Capital Basics

        Selecting Type of Finance: Debt of Equity?       

        Specific Features of the Venture Capital

        Language of the Venture Capital

        Venture Capital Funding Stages

        Main Sources of Funds for Entrepreneurial Firms

        Distribution of Venture Capitalist Exit Routes and Realized Gains

3.   Understanding Venture Capital Investors

         Differences Between Business Angels and Venture Capital Firms

         Who Are Business Angels

         Samples of Successful Business Angel Deals

         Typical Angel Investments

         The Pros and Cons of Business Angel Investments

         Involvement of Business Angels in the Venture

         VC-funded High-tech Start-ups: Probability of Success

         Characteristics of VC Firms Most Important to Entrepreneurs

         Growing Corporate Venture Investing

         Dealing With Banks

4. Introducing Venture Opportunity To Investors

        Venture Capitalists at the First Round Seek...

        Key Documentation To Be Prepared By the Entrepreneur

        How To Introduce Your Opportunity To a Venture Capital Company

        Milestone-based Operations and Funding

        Outline for Presentation to Investors

        Start-Up Business Plan

        Business Plan Review by VC Investors

5. Opportunity Evaluation By Investors

        The Process and Success Rates

        Specific Characteristics of Young Firms: an Investor's View

        10 Most Important Investment Criteria

        Aspects Leading to Rejecting an Investment Opportunity

        What VC Firms Look For In a Business Plan

        Due Diligence: Study Areas

        Factors That Are Analyzed and Verified During Due Diligence

6. Negotiating and Structuring the Deal

        Required Rate of Return for Different Business Stages

        Ownership Required To Support a 30% Return

        Valuating a Start-Up Company: 9 Typical Ways

        Negotiations: Value Claiming vs. Value Creation

        8 Key Elements of a Great Deal

        Characteristics of Sensible Deals


       Venture Financing


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