Ten3 Smart Learning

SMART Learning Synergistic, Motivational, Achievement-oriented, Rapid, Technology-powered

Fast inspirational learning without forgetting!

By Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder, BUSINESS e-COACH Innovation Unlimited, 1000ventures.com

Revolutionary concept!   SMART Course Materials  x  SMART Screen Saver


SMART Learning Synergistic, Motivational, Achievement-oriented, Rapid, Technology-powered

Source: JCU Study Skills Online

The problem with conventional education and training. Research shows:

  • By Day 2, we forget 50% of what we've learned

  • By Day 30, we retain 2%-3% of the original knowledge and need to be re-trained.

Ten3 Smart Learning: Fast inspirational learning without forgetting!

  • Smart Course Materials give you the most knowledge and take from you the least time.

  • Key slides of the Ten3 SMART Course are hyperlinked to relevant pages of Ten3 Business e-Coach at 1000ventures.com so you can access additional information conveniently and just-in-time

  • Smart Screen Savers help you reactivate your knowledge and apply it continually and effortlessly!


* Shareware you can download a trial version of Ten3 Smart Screen Saver and try it for free. Free trial period 5 days (10 days for 'Personal Success 360')

SMART Learning






 Your Benefits

  • Learn new concepts and reinvent old ones continually

  • Reinvent yourself and your business

  • Lead yourself and others effectively and efficiently

  • Innovate continually and achieve much more

Turn your computer into your inspirational achievement catalyst!

Source: JCU Study Skills Online

"Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten." B.F. Skinner

Ten3 Smart & Fast Learning and Memorizing through Repetition

Learning through repetition is the one aspect of studying that most people know and dread. Without repetition, by Day 2 we forget 50% of what we've learned. By Day 30, we retain about 2%-3% of the original knowledge! With no reviews, you virtually have to re-learn the material after about a month.

With Ten3 Smart Learning packages, learning, repetition, and memorizing occurs fast, continuously and effortlessly. Ten3 Smart Screen Savers display educational and motivational slides when your computer falls asleep to help you "reactivate" your knowledge and inspire new ideas.

We and our clients are amazed at the difference Ten3 Smart Screen Savers make in how well we understand and retain material, how effectively we apply the knowledge gained and invent new solutions!

Just-in-Time Inspiration

Ten3 e-coaching slides appear when your PC falls asleep and your mind opens to new discoveries!

"Without order nothing can exist without chaos nothing can evolve."

Ten3 e-coaching screen savers display randomly related concepts, simulate a creative chaos environment and help you make innovative connections!

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust

Ten3 e-coaching screen savers facilitate accidental discoveries as you look at the same message with new eyes at different points in time!

24/7 inspirational e-coaching break free of routine and achieve extraordinary results!