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Build personal relationships to obtain a business loan


By: Venture Planning Associates



Relationship banking means finding an individual within the bank that wants to grow with your business and can offer advice and consultation.

The entrepreneur should contact the business or loan offices of the bank, then find the individual with a good depth of experience who is willing to work with the business on a daily basis. This person should also be someone who is knowledgeable concerning all aspects effecting businesses..


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Here are some suggestions:

After preparing your documents (business plan), do not send them in the mail to your banker. Make a personal appointment with the bank instead.

Sit down with the banker and walk through your business plan. Bankers evaluate not only the documentation, but also the person(s) behind it.




Give the banker an opportunity to get to know you. The better the banker understands your business, the better equipped he/she is to respond favorably to your loan request.


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