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9 Great Ways to Know If a Technology Business Idea Will Work


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Are you hesitant about pouring time into a business idea without knowing if it will work?

Check out these ways to know if a technology business idea will work.


So youíve been thinking about starting your own business for a while now. You want a business along the lines of technology, and you have the perfect business idea. However, the more you think about it and do your research, the more you doubt your technology business idea.

If such describes your situation, then worry not because itís all part of the story. Planning to start a business in any niche can be overwhelming, especially when youíre planning to venture into a non-traditional business field like technology.

A tech business is a very promising venture, but like any business, it has its risks. This business field is also pretty competitive. So your business idea should also take the competition into account and how to topple them.

If you have qualms about your technology business idea, read on and find out nine foolproof ways to know if it will work out. In doing so, you can focus on a business plan to penetrate the market or abandon the whole idea altogether.

How to Tell If You Have a Great Technology Business Idea on Your Hands

Any technology business has lots of potential to make a killing. Depending on your idea, business strategy, and set up, you can have a propitious enterprise in technology. However, before you get to all that, you might want to know whether your idea will bear any fruits or is it a waste of time and energy.

Here are nine ways to tell if your business idea is likely to translate into a real business:-

1. Examine the Market Niche

For your idea to take off, you need a large market. Without one, you wonít have enough consumers for your product or service. If youíre launching a novel technology or a completely new service, it may be hard to get a large enough market for your niche.

With that in mind, ideas that do well are those that improve an already established product or service. For instance, you could try to solve a problem that some product already in the market fails to address. If you do so, you can leverage another businessís customer base to your advantage.

Now youíre probably wondering how you examine a market niche. Is there an app for doing so? Well, not yet, but maybe that could be your business idea. You have to examine the market niche the good old way by doing research, trusting your gut, and choosing your personal preference.

2. Your Marketing Place

You may have a good business idea, but if no one knows about it, your business idea is null. Effective marketing is at the core of a thriving business. From your marketing strategy, you can tell whether you have a good business idea.

There are plenty of ways to market your business. The technique you choose should align with your business niche and your target consumers.



It doesnít matter how good your product is, without a solid marketing strategy, it wonít take off as you expect. If your idea is radically new, learn how to market radical innovations.

3. Is Your Business Solving a Problem

Thereís a reason why inbound marketing is more effective than traditional marketing. The reason is that content, and other inbound marketing techniques help consumers solve a problem.

This also applies to products and services. Your business is more likely to do well if you solve a particular problem. 

For example, Success Guru PowerPoints solve the problem of teachers and consultants of having to meet the growing demand of their audience for inspirations that would boost their creativity.

With that in mind, aim for a business idea that solves a problem that affects the general populace. Your business idea is likely to get off on the right foot if it solves the problem.

4. Your Price Point

Have you thought about how much youíll sell your product or service? If not, then you might want to go back to the drawing board. Remember, in the initial stages, you may need to sell your product at a lower price.

That said, this doesnít mean you compromise on quality. Once you get a reasonable price point, your business idea is more likely to be successful. However, if you think a particular price wonít be feasible, then you should consider abandoning the idea.

5. What Do Your Family and Friends Think About Your Idea

Family, friends, or professionals, may have really valuable input for your business idea. So you must keep an open mind and ear for that matter. Your business should be adaptable to change, and you can consider any good ideas from your friends or family.

Of course, donít listen to everything. Think through all the advice and follow the ones you think are beneficial for your business idea.

6. Are Your Goals realistic

When you have an incredible business idea, itís easy to be overly optimistic. You should always maintain a cool head and be realistic. This will not only save you a lot of money on losses but will also save you from a lot of heartbreaks.

7. Is It Passion or Money that Drives You?

Money is a crucial factor to consider, but passion should be your drive for the business. If you back your business idea with heaps of passion, then youíre likely to excel in your niche. Youíre most likely to have drive, ambition, and perseverance if you back an idea youíre actually motivated about.



8. Test Your Idea

Test your idea on strangers to check if it is viable. The emphasis is on strangers because family and friends may be biased. Find a reasonable group of people to test your idea on.
If strangers find your idea incredible or amazing, then you have the green light to proceed with your idea.

9. Consider Whether a Person Could Pay for It

Companies often buy promising business ideas. Consider whether any larger company could pay for your business idea. If not, then your idea is probably not as good as you thought it was.

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Your business idea could be the next INNOMPIC GAMES. All you have to do is make sure you have a good idea first. Hopefully, after reading this piece, you know how to do exactly that.

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