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Life design is an exciting iterative process of designing your life aligned with your nature, strengths, values, dreams, inspiring life vision, mission and true passion.

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Life Design by Vadim Kotelnikov  

The Virtuous Spiral of Life Design

You are unique, so be unique – never let vanity cacophony mute your life symphony!

Life design evolves along a virtuous spiral as you progress through your life towards your inspiring life vision.

Life Design




Keep drawing on this iterative process to redesign any arena of your life throughout your journey to design your life the way you want and attain true freedom.

Yin and Yang Life Management



Character and Personality




Strategic Life Design

Strategic life design means designing your life the way you want it to be, creating your personal growth strategies and your environment that would enable you to turn your life vision to reality joyfully. It is about self-intelligence and self-audit, discovering who you are in order to give meaning, deep satisfaction, fulfillment and purpose to your life.




Strategic life design drive also the experiences that shape your life at this deep level.

Yin and Yang Life Management


Balanced Wheel of Life

NLP Approach



Life cradle to cradle, Vadim Kotelnikov quotes  

Start your strategic life design with a compelling ‘Why’. Why do you exist? What is your life mission?

Your clearly defined life mission and life vision will serve as a compass for strategic alignment of your innovative ideas and creation of a visionary life design.




Lifestyle Design

Lifestyle design is about creating your way of life, your environment and experiences.

Lifestyle design is about finding your balance of meaningful work and time to restore, doing things you like, building wonderful relationships, experiencing more freedom, and reclaiming your time.

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Vadim Kotelnikov

Your Life is a self-service shop with your Life Mission and True Passion being your wise shopping advisers.

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