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NLP has given rise to a trail of techniques that can be used both personally and professionally.

They are used internationally in various business areas and enable you not only to reach and influence others, but also to reach and perfect the different parts of yourself in order to be the best possible.

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NLP can also help
entrepreneurs and
analyze success secrets of their best employees applied by intuition and teach others these secrets, thus  "cloning" success without cloning people.
 This NLP technique is called 'modeling'.

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NLP Modeling

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Disney Creativity Strategy

Disney Creativity Strategy was initially modeled and developed as NLP tool by Robert Dilts, an NLP pioneer. One of the goals of NLP is to model the thinking strategies of successful people. Dilts defined this particular strategy after analyzing Disney's methods for turning his dreams into reality... More

Modern Manager

In new era of rapid and unpredictable change, systemic innovation, knowledge enterprises, employee empowerment and creative teamwork, an increasing number of executives shift emphasis from classic control-based managerial practices to managing the web of relationships in their organizations...  More

Conflict Resolution

4 NLP Perceptual Positions

Get the commitment of all persons involved to come to a solution acceptable to everyone... More


Listen to what is not said... More

  Empathetic Marketing

Dealing with Rude and Unfair Clients

Just because they are being negative, you don't have to be rude or defensive concentrate on the problem, not the person... More



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