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Business Systems approach to strategic project management  

Entrepreneurial management is fundamentally different  from lifestyle management. You need to consider your project and your project outcome lifecycle in a wider context of the overall organizational strategy.




Unlike traditional project manager who has to meet static constraints of project deadlines, budget, and outcome, you should act as an entrepreneur and deal with a dynamic business system. You should be able to manage for broader economic and financial gain for the project and project outcome lifecycle, thereby contributing increased shareholder value to your company.



Stronger Business Case

Master of Business Synergies (MBS)






To achieve that goal, you would require to have a broader understanding of the whole business and the way your project supports the overall strategy and fits into the dynamics of the business system.

You should also be strategically flexible and prepared to fine-tune the project budget and the project as a whole in response to market changes and competitor actions in order to react timely to arising problems and emerging opportunities.


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