Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

Managers succeed by following the rules.

Innovators success by
breaking the rules.

Vadim Kotelnikov


Business e-Coach Ten3 Business e-Coach

I invented inspirational Ten3 Business e-Coach in 2001 and, by now, have won customers in over 130 countries. Though I understand my target market well enough, I keep launching every new mini-course as a prototype to test the market. I start with developing and releasing a free micro-course  to analyze the market feedback. I experiment with everything: content, style, title, differentiation, creative marketing approaches. Having discovered the optimum combination of ingredients of success, I create and launch a full-scale show.

e-Coach: 10 Success Lessons

Business e-Coach Fun4Biz

Fun4Biz is a new-generation radically innovative value-added social network with a new vertical dimension. This paradise for creative achievers is not just about facilitating communication. It helps its members grow and shine

The two specific features of Fun4Biz are the world-leading inspirational e-Coach and  Entrepreneurial Creativity Contests.

During the beta-testing phase, new revolutionary features were added to  They include a breakthrough Fun4Biz Suggestion System and an amazing instant Talent Search service for innovation- or continuous-improvement-focused teams. Invention and development of these two great features was inspired by experimentations with the beta-version of Fun4Biz and new insights gained thanks to market feedback. 




Case Studies Google

Google is the Internet’s number one search engine today. What is the reason for their remarkable success? It’s beta testing and market learning. They launched a less than perfect service into the market place to get market feedback. Feedback is the answer to dominating a market. It also makes great business sense. Other search engine companies were trying to perfect a product by themselves separate from their target market as Google was continuously and rapidly upgrading their original beta version in close cooperation with customers. They knew that the target market never lies.

Google: 10 Success Lessons

Case Studies Microsoft's Sway

Microsoft used online suggestion system to improve the functionality of their innovative presentation application named Sway. Participants of the beta-testing stage of Sway development were able to submit their feedback via UserVoice.  Their input made a difference. Microsoft  implemented many user suggestions. For example, Sway users were enabled to import PDF files directly into Sway, as well as reorder sections more easily.

Case Studies Procter & Gamble

P&G has stepped up its experimentation because it has discovered an ideal laboratory for doing so: the Internet.  Using test markets – auditioning a product in selected locations in order to find out what sells and what doesn't – is important when you develop new products. Before rolling out a new product nationally, the company typically spends several months and millions of dollars to conduct field tests in a handful of midsize cities. But the Internet has fostered new, more efficient ways to sound out customer attitudes toward product innovation. As A.G. Lafley told shareholders, "By doing a test online, we can do it for a tenth of the cost in a quarter of the time."... More

Case Studies Corning

Corning identified the five steps to turning an idea into a successful new product.  They develop a large prototype that reflects the initial product or process concept; testing this prototype both in the laboratory and with target customers ... More