The Lend Lease Guiding Principles

  • Dare to  be different in everything we do – the enemy of mediocrity.

  • Never do anything that would diminish the pride our parents have in us.

  • No nasty surprises – grow earnings every year.

  • Be a leading employer.  >>>

  • Enhance the environment.

  • We need special relationships to enhance our capabilities.

  • No individual has a monopoly on good ideas.

  • We will only prosper with the support of the communities with which we interact.

  • We wish all employees to be shareholders.

  • We believe there is a strong link between good governance and performance.

Examples of Guiding Principles

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Founded in Sydney, Australia, in 1958, Lend Lease is one of the world’s leading fully integrated property solutions providers, with strong development, investment management, project and construction management and asset and property management capabilities.

Lend Lease’s vision is to be the leading international property company.

The company committed to creating and building innovative and sustainable solutions, forging partnerships and delivering strong investment returns.

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Sustainability has been an integral part of Lend Lease's culture. Through design and investment in new technologies, the company is committed to delivering the next generation of sustainable property solutions.

Lend Lease operates in more than 30 countries, in Australia, Asia, the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the US, and has built up a long and successful track record in these countries, creating many iconic and admired precincts, spaces and buildings.

At Lend Lease not a single strategic decision is made without the decision maker consulting the firm's guiding principles.

Stuart Hornery, who has led Lend Lease for 20 years, summed up the role of the company's guiding principles: "If our guiding principles are genuinely held and practiced throughout the company, we will attract the best people to work for us, the quality of our work will attract the attention of customers, demand for our services will grow, and our global family will prosper – all of which contributes to delivering superior value for shareholders."... More