ITW Global Automotive is a global industrial company that develops engineered products and specialty systems that are created and later improved in direct partnership with the company's customers. ITW leaders apply the 80/20 Process to everything they do in order to get a lot of things right.

ITW Guiding Principles

We believe the future of good business is deeply rooted in the past. By following our guiding principles designed to enhance customer focus, productivity, innovation and profitability, we are able to make continual process and product improvements for customers, while producing solid results for our shareholders. Our ability to produce commercial innovations on a continual basis for our customers is the foundation of our success.

Our main guiding principles include the following:

Successful Business

The Tree of Business Success

8 Best Practices


Examples of Guiding Principles

Charles Schwab    Google  ●  Lend Lease

CimJoy    CVCI

3 NLP Guiding Principles


Value Innovation

Add More Value for Your Customer

Modern ICT-powered Value Chain

New Product Development

New Product Design

Design for Environment

Benefit from Your Competitors