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Employee and Community Wellbeing Fund



Employee Benefits

  1. Foundation provides opportunities for employee and family engagement and networking

  2. Foundation encourages employees to do things they wouldn’t normally do on their own, often stretching them beyond their own limits and expectations

  3. Foundation enables employees to learn and develop new skills

Community Benefits

  1. Foundation enables employees to address tangible community needs, which can lead to greater community sustainability

  2. Foundation inspires employees to connect with their local communities, and contribute towards greater community wellbeing through activities such as volunteering

Business Benefits

  1. Foundation develops healthy, inspired and motivated teams

  2. Foundation spreads and reinforces Lend Lease culture and values

  3. Foundation differentiates Lend Lease from its peers

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About Lend Lease

Founded in Sydney, Australia, in 1958, Lend Lease operates in more than 30 countries.  The company is one of the world’s leading fully integrated property solutions providers, with strong development, investment management, project and construction management and asset and property management capabilities.



Employee and Community Wellbeing Fund

Long ago, Lend Lease founder Dick Dusseldorp and former chairman Stuart Hornery recognised the importance of ‘employee wellbeing’, and it’s direct link to a company’s performance. If employees were happy and healthy, well supported and appreciated, more often than not, the company’s performance positively reflected this sentiment.

Mr Dusseldorp and Mr Hornery extended their thinking to ‘community wellbeing’ believing that is was a company’s duty to positively contribute to communities where Lend Lease employees live and work.

This belief still holds strong throughout Lend Lease, and remains at the core of the company’s culture, and underpins the essence of ‘Foundation’.

‘Foundation’ is managed by employees, for the benefit of all employees. It is an independent business unit within Lend Lease, exclusively focused on employee and community development and wellbeing. Foundation’s purpose also extends to providing benefits to the families of employees.

Life-Business Synergy

Global and regional Foundation programs operate year-round, and are accessible to all employees. Programs are developed based on employee and business needs. Foundation activities are governed by a charter, vision, mission and guiding principles.

Foundation Charter

For the benefit of employees, their families and the communities in which we operate.

Foundation Vision

Foundation inspires Lend Lease people to be the best they can be, and adds value to our business.

Foundation Mission

Foundation complements the Lend Lease business and culture. It does this by offering programs that promote the personal development and health and wellbeing of employees and enhance the communities in which they live and work.

Foundation benefits are vast and varied, and many programs are designed to provide tools for employees to continue the learning and development process long after the program has ended.