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Enhancing a Business Design and Business-Design Thinking Skills

The two pairs of strategic creativity and thinking skills a business designer needs to master are:

① Generative and Analytical thinking

② Abstract and Concrete thinking





INNOBALL-assisted Business Design Process

Generative thinking starts with challenging assumptions and asking 'What If?' questions.

During the phase of invention of a new concept, the best results are achieved by a three-step 3Bs process Brainstilling, Brainstorming, Brainstilling. Initially, Brainstilling is needed to see the big picture holistically. Brainstorming is used to invent and design various elements of a new big picture. The Brainstorming session is to be followed by another Brainstilling session to visualize the resulting big picture creatively and initiate the next pair of Brainstorming-Brainstilling sessions, if required.

Playing INNOBALL (Innovation Brainball) simulation game with the most promising 'What If?' scenarios is the next step. Powered by KoRe 10 metaphoric innovative thinking tools (10 KITT), Innoball engages and synergizes all the four types of design thinking: abstract, generative, concrete and analytical.

The next step of business design development is prototyping that helps to obtain feedback, analyze it and make further concrete improvements.