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InnoBall simulation game as

a Great Risk-Management Tool

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Most big change and radical innovation projects fail because managerial challenges are very high.

Management of big-change projects, radical-innovation projects, and disruptive ventures involve diverse risks.

Individuals, organizations, existing ties and external players resist change and fight back.

  Risk Management InnoBall simulation game



Radical change is hard. Research shows that over 70% of all radical-change initiatives fail.


How To Overcome Resistance To Change



INNOBALL - innovation foodball, brainball - how to create change successfully  

Simulation game

(Innovation Brainball) is a great risk management tool.

will help you not just anticipate and reduce these risks, but also turn these risks to opportunities and achieve great results!



Vadim Kotelnikov

Launching a radical innovation / change / entrepreneurial project without playing InnoBall simulation game is like starting a football game naively believing that the opposing team does not exist. But is does and will fight back.

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Innoball as a Change/Innovation / Risk Management Tool

Innoball is a tool for initiating and managing change, no matter what form it takes. Innovation, pursuing opportunities, strategy implementation, organizational transformation radical project management, radical Improvements, market disruptions, and international business development are all about change.

Innoball helps you to identify your enemies, think for them, anticipate their attacks, come out with creative solutions and, ultimately, conquer the enemies on your way to a desired outcome, and achieve much more than your dreamed of.

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Achieve More than You Initially Dreamed Of

Actually, Innoball helps you not just achieve a desired state, but go beyond it. It helps you expand your thinking, discover new opportunities and achieve much more. Innoball is about how to anticipate risks and manage opportunities to maximize success.

Innoball also helps you to predict how change will affect your business, your market and your people.

As you simulate the journey towards your stretch goal, every step forward expands horizons, helps you discover future threats and opportunities, and invent next-level strategies.

Innoball facilitates intellectual teamwork and team creativity. It makes a change effort or an innovation journey more collaborative. Innoball prompts leadership and project teams to explore the variables that will influence the change or innovation effort, brainstorm new ideas, and develop a greater vision and a stronger change implementation scenario.

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