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How To Overcome Resistance to Change

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Why Change Fails: 8 Common Errors

❶  Divide to Conquer

Address human and organizational barriers to change separately.  >>>

❷  Communicate

Tell everyone why the change is needed. What's obvious to you may not be obvious to them. Don't assume they see what you see >>>

❸  Enthuse

Create an environment of creative dissatisfaction with the status quo. Ensure that everyone understands that standing still means  dropping behind.



❹  Inspire

Set and communicate your vision. Define and visualize desired outcomes ‒ people must know what the desired result looks like to be able to help you to get there. Sell benefits of a greater future to inspire and motivate people and, ultimately, make your vision a reality.

❺  Engage

Involve everyone in development of the change program. Synergize different perspectives. Solicit feedback to draw out and eliminate concerns. Organize meetings to market the strategy.

❻  Inform

Build in as much certainty as you can. Give people insight into the steps you are taking to implement change. Give them the facts about what they’re facing. Share how you will prepare people to take on new ways of working.  >>>

❼  Explain

Shape expectations  Define milestones and timelines. Make sure people know what is expected of them.

❽  Empower Enthusiasts

Identify, empower and showcase “early adopters” and proactive innovators who support and lead change.

❾  Keep Sharing Insights

Communicate frequently, honestly and credibly even  in times of uncertainty when you don’t have complete information. Feeling informed goes a long way toward building trust. Acknowledge your own mistakes and say what you’re doing to correct them ‒ it is one of the best ways to soften resistance and it also opens the door for others to admit their own mistakes and search for a new common ground. Use various channels ‒ both high tech and low tech ‒ to communicate and successfully connect with your stakeholders.

❿  Reward

Reward those who demonstrate the ability to move and adapt quickly.




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Jack Welch advice business quotes

Change before you have to.  >>>

Jack Welch


Steve Jobs advice quotes

Innovation is the ability to

see change as an opportunity – not a threat.

Steve Jobs


Mahatma Gandhi advice quotes

We must become the change

we wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Peter Drucker advice

Innovation Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book requires something that is most difficult for existing companies to do: to abandon rather than defend yesterday.

Peter Drucker

Thought Leader

Edward Deming advice quotes

It is not necessary to change.

Survival is not mandatory.

Edward Deming

Thought Leader