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7 Keys




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The only three things you need to change the world are vision, passion, and entrepreneurial action


Articulate Your Vision

People have unlimited capabilities. Keep in mind that people will do what they have to do for money, but they may unlock their true potential and give their best if your vision of the desired future inspires and excites them.



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Set stretch targets that will keep your people inspired, focused, excited, energized, and proactive


Provide the Strategic Alignment

Establish weighted guiding principles, create a strategic to-do list, and set a chain of stretch goals or milestones leading towards the shared vision.



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If you create something unseen before,
prepare to address challenges unmet earlier


Lead by Example

Be an inspirational leader. Live your vision, demonstrate your commitment and be a role model. Be energized and energize others. Stay focused on your vision and the key strategic stretch goals despite all the day-to-day distractions.




Give Ownership

Practice empowering leadership or the Tao-style leadership that makes people feel that they achieve the stretch goals all by themselves. Share profits.  Design a transparent "Pay as You Grow" profit-sharing model that will link the profit to be released to your team to the progress made towards the shared vision.


Turning a Dream Into Reality

3 Principles and the Monty Story

Gain Sharing






Build an Entrepreneurial Organization

Create an inspiring culture of creative dissatisfaction and an innovation-friendly and entrepreneurial organization that encourages and enables creativity, innovation, and intrapreneurship. Live speed and entrepreneurial experimentation. Allow people time for learning, ideation, exploration, experimentation and discovery in addition to regular work. Give people freedom to fail forward, restart wiser, and celebrate victories.


3Ss of Outstanding Performance

Space for Intrapreneurship

Jazz of Innovation

Freedom to Fail

Ask Learning SWOT Questions




Gamification 10+

Use SuperGamification  tools such as InnoBall simulation game and Innompic Games, to inspire and energize your people, boost creative teamwork, and invent better routes towards the shared vision.

  How To Turn Your Vision To Reality - InnoBall simulation game



Help Your People Grow

Invest in employee motivation, training and coaching. Help them develop Super-Creativity and intrapreneurial skills.


Innovative Workforce

Growth 10+ is People 10+






Example: Jack Welch

Jack Welch's vision was to make GE the most competitive enterprise in the world. He knew that he had to transform the company to achieve that vision. So, he designed the transformation journey and implemented it successfully and increased GE's capitalization 43-fold on the way.


25 Lessons from Jack Welch

Lead More, Manage Less


Energize Employees





Example: JD Meier

JD Meier who worked as a top manager in Microsoft for 25+ years, says, "The 3 most important things Ive always needed for leading innovation have been 1) a great monitor to project shared visuals and information; 2) walls of large whiteboards for creating and sharing castles of the mind; 3) a suite of chairs that can easily be arranged as a U or circle as needed."



Leading Innovation

Results-based Leadership

Strategic Alignment

Employee Empowerment