Live action all day

The current business environment requires an energized, energizing leader. Jack Welch's goal was to make GE "the world's most competitive enterprise." He knew that the current business environment requires an energized, energizing leader: "You've got to be live action all day. And you've got to be able to energize others. Your cannot be this thoughtful, in-the-corner-office guru. You cannot be a moderate, balanced, thoughtful, careful articulator of policy. You've got to be on the lunatic fringe."


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Be Less Formal

Balanced Organization: 5 Basic Elements

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Allow Employees More Freedom

Genuine leadership comes from the quality of your vision and your ability to spark others to extraordinary performance. Getting rid of bureaucracy and getting employees excited about their work is the key to being a great business leader.


Put Values First

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Empower Employees





Give Employees More Responsibility

"We now know where productivity ‒ real and limitless productivity ‒ comes from. It comes from challenged, empowered, excited, rewarded teams of people."


Involve Everyone

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Never Lead by Intimidation

That was the old way to run a business. Inspire others to want to perform instead.


Inspire People

Make Business Fun





Acknowledge Contribution

Let people know how their efforts are helping your organization. The people who help you perform your job would be more motivated if they knew the bigger picture, how their efforts help the organization to achieve its goals, and that you truly appreciate their efforts.


Attitude Motivation

Strategic Motivation


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Send Handwritten Thank-You Notes

Send handwritten thank-you notes to colleagues, partners, and customers. Few take the time to do it, so it almost always has an impact.


Get Less Formal

Leading by Serving

Employee Satisfaction



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