Enemies of Innovation


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Most Common Enemies of Innovation in a Large Corporation

Non-Inspiring Management. If the CEO is a "living dead“, a “know-it-all” person who asks employees to be entrepreneurial, to innovate and grow but doesn’t serve as a role model, employees will not be inspired to innovate.

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Weak Project Leader. if the team leader is under-entrepreneurial, non-inspiring, non-guiding, under-empowering, non-flexible, slow and poor decision maker, an innovation project has no chances to succeed.

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Underperforming Team. Lack of creative dissatisfaction, entrepreneurial creativity and initiative, poor motivation and teamwork are the signs of an underperforming innovation team. Lack of entrepreneurial spirit and a burning desire to win is deadly for innovation because breakthrough ideas are not accepted easily by neither customers nor by organizational bureaucracy.

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Innovation-unfriendly Organization. Complacent, risk-averse, blame culture kills all seeds of innovation. Fear to make a mistake is the biggest impediment to innovation within a losing organization. If an organization is bureaucratic and too caught up with the past, it loses sight of opportunities for the future. If employees are not empowered to try new things, they don’t innovate.  >>>

Innovation-friendly Organization

Innovation Is Not Institutionalized. Here are the most typical barriers to innovation: the innovation system has weak or broken links; cross-functional collaboration that is at the root of all great innovations is not facilitated; the criteria for idea evaluation, decision making, investment or rewards are not clear to everybody; the innovation process is neither effective no exciting.

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