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Managing unpredictable and chaotic radical innovation projects is more art than science. As radical innovation projects are characterized by higher levels of uncertainties – technical, market, and organizational, – patterns of their journey to the marketplace are unlike those in incremental innovation projects.











How To Stimulate Radical Idea Generation

Why Radical Project Management (RPM)?

  Case Studies  

Business Synergies Approach to Project Management

Improvisation-driven RPM

The improvisation-driven model is one approach to radical innovation project management. It works well when the unknowns are high and the players are seasoned. This model doesn’t discard structure, just as there is a clear structure to good jazz.

The Jazz of Innovation: 11 Practice Tips

Rather than having it overlaid from the outside, though, the improvisational approach builds structure from the inside as it is needed. That’s why it requires a critical mass of experienced people to work.

The improvisational model is limited by three factors... More

Flexible Model

The flexible approach overlaps phases rather than functions.

Project Management: 2 Approaches

The power in the flexible model is that the development process and tools are explicitly designed to support this overlap.

The requirements to make the flexible approach work are:

  a multidisciplinary core of highly experienced architects

  the use of frequent prototyping and simulation

  high level of vendor and customer inclusion


Leading a Radical Innovation Project

10 Key Project Leader Skills

Radical project management requires:

Entrepreneurial Leadership: Entrepreneurial leadership involves instilling the confidence to think, behave and act with entrepreneurship in the interests of fully realizing the intended purpose of the organization to the beneficial growth of all stakeholders involved.

Creative Leadership: Creative leaders have a clear view of future needs and opportunities. They also understand the current problems and needs of the organization and find ways to include people in the vision.

Loose-Tight Leadership

Transformational leadership: Transformational leaders, by definition, seek to transform. When the organization does not need transforming and people are happy as they are, then such a leader will be frustrated. Like wartime leaders, however, given the right situation they come into their own and can be personally responsible for saving entire companies... More

10 Commandments of Innovation


Business e-Coach Simulation Game "Innovation Brainball"

Innovation Brainball (Innoball) is a breakthrough strategic simulation game that helps innovators achieve great success in the real world.

Innoball helps you:

Fuzzy Logic

Modern business and technology leaders use the managerial equivalent of fuzzy logic to address the ambiguity of the fuzzy front end... More


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