Managing chaotic radical innovation projects is more art than science.

It's like playing a football game.


10 Commandments of Innovation Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book


Surprise To Win Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Business Model Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book is a broad-stroke picture of how an innovative concept will create economic value for the ultimate user, for the firm and its shareholders and partners. It considers the infrastructure required to move the product/service to the market in a manner that is both easy and convenient for customers and profitable for the firm... More

10 Rules for Building a High-growth Business

Radical projects are experimental as experimentation is the key to discovery when you are venturing into an unknown territory where  no one has been before.  >>>


Business Model Questions

How and when can we make money with this radical innovation?

How can we reduce uncertainties?

Who are the customers for this radical innovation?

What sort of Value Chain  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book must be built to commercialize this innovation successfully?

What are our Core Competencies that will define our role be in the new value chain?

Who else will participate in the value chain and what will be their roles?

Who will pay whom, why, and for what?

How can we reinvent our business model in response to emerging threats and opportunities?

Stand Out from the Competition    3 Levels of Radical Innovation

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Innoball helps a radical project not just succeed, but

 achieve much more than it was initially planned.  >>   Example 1   Example 2


Innoball as an Innovation Management Tool

Innoball is a tool for initiating and managing change, no matter what form it takes. Innovation Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, pursuing opportunities, strategy implementation, radical project management, radical Improvements, market disruptions are all about change.

Innoball helps you identify your enemies, think for them, anticipate their attacks, come up with creative solutions and, ultimately, conquer the enemies on your way to a desired outcome, and achieve much more than your dreamed of. Diverse challenges and dealing with them are chaotic and unplanned sub-processes of a radical innovation project where every step forward is a step into a terra incognita.

The beauty is that the business model of a radical project emerges reinvented, diversified and stronger from every such "sub-process".


Stronger Venture - Innoball training benefits, innovation simulation game

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