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Private sector partnerships with government and educational institutions have fueled the Internet worldwide. In some cases, governments and/or universities provide funding to SME’s. In other cases, SME’s or larger businesses provide funding to educational institutions or government-financed projects. In all these cases, there is usually a development project in which funding is applied to innovative work and the creation of inventions (patents) or works of authorship (copyrights).

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Before you embark on such a joint research project, check out the IP policies of the government entity or university. Will their funding or sharing of resources come with strings attached? In other words, will any IP resulting from the work that is done be owned, in whole or in part, by the one providing funds?

Some governments and governmentally funded universities are legally required to maintain ownership of IP generated in joint research projects. Others have strict policies relating to IP ownership.

At the beginning of the project, get expert help to sort through who will own the work that comes out of the project and clarify these expectations in your contract. You may also make decisions involving payment of royalties or sharing of revenues.