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6+6 Drivers for Entrepreneurship

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5 Tips for Internet Startups

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Benefits of e-Business

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IP in e-Commerce

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Using Care in Disclosures on the Internet

Important Contracts and IP

Partnerships with Gov. and Edu. Institutions

IP Concerns About International Transactions

Here is a series of questions designed to review and test what you have learned in the above outline. Try your hand at this and then look for the answers and the Checklist references given.

1. Does intellectual property include:

[The answer]

2. Can software programs be protected by copyright and by patents?

[See Copyright and Patents]

3. In order to claim a copyright on something, must it be registered with a government agency?

 [The answer]

4. Do patents have value for an E-Commerce company or is time to market more important?

[The answer]

5. Is it advisable to write and sign Web design agreements after the web site design is done and the web site is up and running?

[The answer]

6. Before using or distributing music on your web site, is it necessary to check who owns that music and get permission from that person, corporation or from a collecting society or other agency that has distribution rights ?

[See Website Design and Distribution]

7. Can I register a domain name that includes the trademark of another company because there is no effective way to enforce international IP rights?

[The answer]

8. Is it generally a good idea to get started working on high tech projects without waiting for a contract to be signed because of the delays caused by legal arrangements and the legal aspects can be clarified later?

[The answer]

9. Can arbitration of international IP disputes generally be required by national laws?

[The answer]

10. Are engineers working on technical projects free to use the Internet to exchange ideas and new inventions since patent applications for such ideas can always be filed later without damaging the interests of my SME?

[The answer]