The Skill Will Matrix is a tool used by managers, leaders, and coaches to assess and influence an employee’s performance based on two factors: their skill (competencies) and their will (intrinsic motivation).

The Skill Will Matrix compares an employee’s willingness to perform a task (high or low) to their level of skill in relation to that task (high or low).



Skill/Will Matrix

Low Skill

High Skill

High Will



Low Will





Skill depends on experience, self-learning, training, understanding, role perception

Will depends on attitude, desire to achieve, incentives, security, confidence





Skill is how competent a worker is at a specific task or how effective they are in their role. Skill depends on experience, training, understanding, role perception.

Will is how motivated they are to complete their task or perform their role well. Will depends on desire to achieve, incentives, security, confidence.

Laziness/Smartness Matrix