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Facilitate personal growth of employees and build an infrastructure that rewards outstanding personal performance. Find out what an employee is passionate about and good at and find the right fit for his or her talents with an inspiring and supportive work environment and skill development opportunities.




Every employee wants to grow and s/he wants you to help. The manager's responsibility is to steer the employees towards roles where they have the greatest chances of success.

Allow their jobs to change with them to keep them inspired and productive.

  Laziness-Smartness Matrix - employee performance management find the right fit for each person




Recognition through promotion of each person often to his or her level of incompetence (The Peter Principle) is often not possible in new flat organizations. Besides, a person's success on one rung does not guarantee his or success in the rung above a great process designer may or may not make a great process management.


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"Great Managers have devised ways to redirect employee's ambitions. They create heroes in each role. They make every role, performed to a level of excellence, a respected profession. They create graded levels of achievement for each role thereby encouraging people to strive towards excellence in each role. Great managers link pay with performance and create broad bands for pay within each role. They also create overlapping bands of pay to encourage people to assess their strengths before moving to the next rung on the ladder. This means that a great salesperson could earn much more than a new sales manager who is yet to demonstrate performance in his role," writes The Gallup Organization in the "Four Keys to Great Managers".


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