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Best Practices and Success Stories

Environmental Responsibility of Alibaba (China)

Cleaner Production: SSF (Thailand)

Green Productivity: Ford Lio Ho Motor (Taiwan)

Lean Production: Toyota (Japan)

Canon Production System (Japan)

Lean Production: GSEP (India)

Lean Production: RTS (India)

Lean Production: TE (India)

Lean Production at 3 SMEs (U.S.A.)

Kaizen    CIF

Practicing Kaizen at Fidelity Investments (U.S.A.)

Japanese-style Suggestion System

Fun4Biz Suggestion System    Six Sigma: GE (U.S.A.) 

The Toyota Way: 14 Principles (Japan)

Cimcoin (Russia) for a Paperless World

CimJoy Clean e-World    CimJoy Guiding Principles