Companies invest In cleaner processes, systems, production technologies and design methods because they:

Market Leadership Objectives

desire to strengthen technical and innovative  capacity and develop new areas of business competency

want to retain environmentally-responsible customers and expand to new markets

want to position themselves as market leaders and innovators

want to change or improve the market image of the company


Environmentally Sustainable Business



Cleaner Production










Risk Management Objectives

want to prevent risks (to anticipate the changing regulatory and market context rather than to react to changes as they are upon them)

recognize the emergence of a new business paradigm and a new competitive terrain

desire to influence the direction of regulations and legislation


Risk Management

Life Cycle Assessment

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)





Social Responsibility, Health & Safety Objectives

desire to act responsibly

want to improve health and safety conditions, minimize wastes

want to improve the internal climate and working conditions


Probiotics vs. Chemicals

Design for Environment





Healthbiotics startup success story
Innompic Games
Miss Innovation World
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