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Being a business owner takes hard work and a bit of creativity, the latter of which pushes some entrepreneurs into the anxiety zone. "I'm not good at making things!" they think, completely lost as to how to manage their social media and craft engaging content. Mastering their website's design and optimization feels like an uphill battle, and their digital marketing efforts tend to be more touch-and-go than full-speed-ahead. To get your business the attention it deserves from the people most likely to benefit from what you have to offer, here are a few tips to implement today.



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Start Boosting Your Content's Value

Don't post on your blog or social media just to post. It often results in low-brow content that lacks both originality and entertainment value. Every post isn't going to be revolutionary, but you can carefully consider what your audience really wants or needs to see at the moment.


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Intent SEO helps businesses restructure their content to fulfill a need rather than just promote their company. Whether a company wants to find something, learn something, or is ready to make a purchase, you can use intent-driven search engine optimization to start ranking higher on Google and earning more.



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Start a Social Media Campaign

Does your small business have any specials running at the moment? Could you spotlight your top selling items this month or post content related to a relevant trend in your industry? Without a cohesive strategy and active campaigns, your online presence will quickly fizzle out. Check out this list of social media campaign ideas to get your creative juices flowing. These ideas are all fast and simple; you can even update old content to include calls-to-action and better hashtags. Think of revamping your older, top-performing posts like adding a fresh coat of paint. You can also archive any posts that did not perform well or clutter your feed.




Rebrand with a New Logo and Color Palette

You'll instantly appear more professional when your brand has a modern logo and signature colors featured on its website and feed. Color palette generators can help you build your ideal collection for free, and logo design is even easy with user-friendly graphic design software like Canva. When you start posting from here on out, use the color palette to make your pages look more professional and aesthetically pleasing. You can even integrate a little color psychology to elicit the right emotions from your target audience.





Start Engaging

If you use Instagram, make it a goal to follow at least five accounts in your niche, like 20 posts and leave at least five original comments. Doing this every day will boost your rank on the platform's algorithm. You can search for guest post opportunities to promote your blog, or log onto Facebook and start commenting on other brands' content. A little engagement goes a long way, and you should never forget the "social" piece of social media. When you pay greater attention to what's going on in your industry, you'll also be less likely to run out of content ideas. Interacting with others always leads to greater inspiration for your own business.