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Not everyone likes working in an office. And why would you want to sit crammed in an officeís corner, not changing the position for hours? If you donít like the nine-to-five work or the office life, there are alternatives you can pursue. There are plenty of options to do active work outside of the office or freelance work like, for example, write essay or design websites.

If youíre interested, check out my list of best alternatives to office work below.

1. Travel Blogger

This is one of the modern jobs of today. Technology has created many similar opportunities for people to avoid the traditional office work. If you like traveling and are a creative person, this will be the perfect job for you. At the beginning, you might need a writing helper to keep up with the frequency with which you must create content. But, once you get the hang of it, you can literally travel the world and support your travels by sharing your travel experiences with others.



2. Freelance Writer/ Editor

Being a freelance writer has been the dream job I didnít know I wanted. I am all in one: an essay writer and an editor of ready papers, journals, and even books. This is never a boring job. If youíre good at writing, it can be a rewarding career to pursue. There are always students who will ask you Ďdo my college essayí so you can get many orders.

3. Influencer

Becoming a successful influencer takes time and plenty of dedication, but itís quite similar to being a travel blogger and/or a story writer. In fact, you can be both if, as an influencer, you choose travel and or story writing as your niche.

Once youíre an influencer, you can land gigs and work freelance for various companies by finding creative ways to promote their services and products. Youíll be paid in money, products, or services, and can make quite the crafty amount without stepping foot in an office.

4. Web Developer

Youíll need quite the training to become great at developing or designing website, but what rewarding career does not require some extra effort before you begin? This particular career has enjoyed some of the biggest successes in the professional world, and the demand is huge. You can do it from work, on the go, or basically in any destination with an Internet connection. The best part about it is Ė you can literally earn a fortune without investing anything but your skills, time, and talent.



5. Paramedic/ EMT

Do you want to make a difference? To do this, youíre best out helping people instead of staying at the office. If you like something other than the traditional 9-to-5 office job, youíll love the thrill of being an EMT or a paramedic. Saving lives can be the most fulfilling job as long as youíre good at acting under pressure and have the proper training.

6. Customer Service Representative

Working as a customer service representative has its set of pros. You donít need much training and can easily land a gig, especially now when itís possible to do this from home and there are more online companies than ever. Just find a gig that allows for telecommuting and start. Having people and communication skills is essential for this career.

7. Virtual Assistant

Speaking of jobs you can do remotely, virtual assistant is also in high demand. Forget about the in-office secretary work where you have to sit all day or bring coffee to people. Virtual assistants are in high demand and the job can be really exciting as long as you find a professional and nice client.
Many people choose human virtual assistants instead of the machine assistants like Alexa and Siri. It gives them a more personal experience and, of course, adds the human element, which is far more effective than giving tasks to a machine.

As a virtual assistant, youíll be asked to manage schedules, make calls, and even run some errands if your clients are located near you. It all comes down to who you work for and what you choose to do.


Have you picked your dream job? Donít be afraid to do so. If you like working outside the traditional office spaces, these jobs can provide you with enough money to support your expenses and often, much more.