How to Find Your True Calling in Life


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If you’ve been struggling to find your calling in life, you’re not alone. People of all ages often find themselves wondering if what they’re currently doing or what they think they want to do is right.

Look for Signs

Identifying your true purpose starts with knowing which signs to look for. Pay attention to the people you meet, the places you go, and what you dream about. When things are going well, you see the positive results. However, when you’re stuck, you also see the signs, most of which will be telling you it’s time for a change. When things aren’t meant to be, you might notice that things always seem to go wrong. You might also feel like your efforts are all for nothing.

Tap into Your Creativity

Even if you are more of the intellectual type, you can still tap into your creativity. Setting even a few moments aside each day to write poetry, paint or even simply daydream is good for your soul. In fact, dabbling in the arts might even spark enough interest that you return to college. Earning a graduate’s degree in a subject you’re passionate about makes the experience more memorable. If you’re concerned about paying for tuition, you can apply for a loan with a private lender. There are no fees to proceed, the interest rates are usually lower and they offer favorable repayment options.

Do What Feels Good

In a world where we’re always looking for ways to feel good, it’s important not to just go with the flow. Finding your calling means doing what feels good. Far too often, people do what they think they should be doing, not what they actually want to do. Think about activities you enjoy, both leisure and professional. How do you feel when you partake in these activities? Oftentimes, people find that even if the activity is work-related, since happiness is a state of mind, it still brings them joy. And the best part is, if you do discover that you can do something you enjoy to make money, you’ll also probably notice a change in your outlook as well.

Try New Things

Another way to find what’s really meant for you is by trying new things. Keeping yourself in your safety zone may be comfortable, but it can also hinder you from growing. Trying out new things also opens your mind to new opportunities. Think back to when you were young and carefree. What risks did you take simply because you wanted to? As children, we try new things because we are eager to explore the world. But as we get older, we sometimes forget that life is meant to be lived and that we need to step out of our comfort zone. If you have children, spend time observing them and how they interact with the world. You might be pleasantly surprised how differently you see things once you follow their lead.

Be Kind to Yourself

Regardless of where you are in life, you need to be kind to yourself. Everyone is different, so there’s no need to compare yourself to others who seem to have it all together. As long as working towards being the best version of yourself, there’s no rush to that imaginary finish line. Congratulate yourself for a job well done and don’t beat yourself up of you fall short of your expectations.